What’s on



...a time of stillness – quiet retreat time, sometimes drop-in, sometimes to be booked.



...different ways of developing our reflective nature – conversation, prayer times and workshops.



...spiritual tradition in a Christian context, from ancient wisdom to contemporary spirituality – workshops, courses, and talks.



Our programme will always be related to the efforts of daily life, as individuals and as communities.

A retreat is a breathing space: a time set aside to be attentive maybe to what matters to us in the depths of our being or just to take a healthy pause. It gives us time and space to restore balance (or begin to) - which may challenge us to change things a little once we go back to our everyday living.

Retreat is as old as the hills and a fundamental human need. But you don’t have to head for the hills or spend a lot of time and money to ‘go on retreat’. With Retreat House Chester you’ll find retreat right in the midst of the city and right in the midst of everyday life.

A look through our programme or staying in touch through our mailing list will help you decide what’s for you - or if you’re not sure, just ask.

Please scroll down for our current programme [currently being updated, summer 2019: booking opens late August].  Reports of past events appear on our NEWS page.

What’s happening now

Please click on the images below to find out more: our website contains the most up-to-date information on our programme so it always best to check here.  

A note about access: We aim to make our activities accessible.  Currently in Abbey Square there are a few steps up to the front door and we are working to improve access, and use other venues when we can.  Please get in touch if this is a concern - thank you.

Our activities are only open to over-18s.



A note about charges: We make every effort to keep our costs down.  If you are able to top this up with a donation, it would be tremendously welcome.  For some activities you are invited to choose your own rate.

Advance booking is required, please.  Events need to be booked through Retreat House Chester except where indicated.  If you email us, please check your junk mail if you do not see a response: we will always respond within a few days (usually sooner!). Once your place is confirmed, payment is only by cheque ('Retreat House Chester') or cash but please do not send cash in the post. We aim to provide online booking and payment very soon.

Thank you!