Pilgrim Walks

Same route.  Two consecutive days.  Two groups.  Two different weathers.  Christleton to Chester along the canal, through the park and the city centre to the cathedral.  Reflective walking...

On the feast of Candlemas and the feast of St Werburgh - 2nd and 3rd of February - we set forth on our first events for 2018, and our first ever Retreat House walks - guided with depth and a lightness of touch by Catherine Green.  Celebrating a walking towards the light, as winter looks towards spring, and with our own hopes and prayers, we walked our part of the Two Saints Way, a pilgrim route linking Lichfield and Chester.  There were times for both silence and conversation, with stopping places to hear a poem or two along the way reminding us of the joy of noticing, of being part of creation, of journey.  Prayer and the lighting of candles ended our pilgrimage - and then it was time for lunch. 

It was only short - but sometimes by stepping out we engage with what's there.