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Reflective Evening: Wisdom - Living in harmony with the world and meeting the sacred


with Claire Egan

Contemporary sciences from physics to ecology and climatology have pointed to the complex interrelationships in the natural world, of which we are a part. “Laws of nature” have been identified and within the living sphere, ecosystems observed, where many different species co-exist, but which are sensitive to being changed or destroyed by human intervention and overconsumption.

In the Wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible and apocrypha, the “ways” (derek) of the natural world, and the harmonious co-existence of species were identified long before modern science. These were recognised as coming from God, as creator, and the world was seen as permeated by God’s wisdom. The wisdom writings provided guidance for their hearers on how to live daily lives in ways attuned to the harmonies of the world, seeing in and through this practice something of the creator.

This evening, we will bring together poetry from the biblical wisdom literature and beyond, with reflections on the wonder of the natural world and the issues of our contemporary place within it.

£5 including refreshments - advance booking only

7pm - 9pm   9 Abbey Square