Ideas to get you started...

How about using ‘15’ as a focus for your activities to help The 15 Appeal?  Maybe you could:

  • set aside £15 and see how you can add more over the course of 15 days… or 15 weeks…
  • try a sponsored activity for 15 hours (7am to 10pm is 15 hours…), or for 15 minutes… or 15 miles... (We have sponsor forms for you to use.)
  • fundraise in a team of 15
  • host a coffee morning for 15 people

We’re sure you can think of something!

Or maybe you’d like to be a Marmalade Friend?  In former days at the retreat house, the nuns and their friends would make and sell marmalade to raise funds. Maybe you could

  • fill a marmalade jar with spare change
  • have a marmalade party – eat toast and marmalade, or marmalade cake
  • try a ‘wear something orange’ day

We hope to run some Marmalade activities ourselves: look out for more information!

Please contact us first to let us know that you will be fundraising for us.  Afterwards, please send us your donations by cheque (payable to Retreat House Chester) to Retreat House Chester, 9 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU.

Tell us your fundraising story and if you like we’ll share it. Thank you, and have fun…